Leave the airport in a south-west direction. There are signs pointing towards the direction of Funchal. Follow these. You must stay on the highway. It is the only one from the airport towards Funchal. Stay on the highway as you pass Funchal, don’t turn right. Just keep following the highway to Ribeira Brava.

Inside the tunnel, when you see the sign “Ribeira Brava / Ponta do Sol” move to the right lane of the highway. You will encounter a large right hand corner followed by a roundabout. You should go inside the roundabout and exit on the first chance, just in front of the one you got in. Drive towards the sea until you find a roundabout again. Get into it but this time exit where the sign says “Campanário”. Just ahead there is a small piece of road. Turn left. Just few meters ahead turn right into a small tunnel. At the end of this tunnel there will be a small roundabout. You should exit it where the sign says “Campanário”. You sould keep on this road. You will find a sightseeing place. You can visit it later on. You should keep on going up for about 15 minutes until you find a sign on your left that says “Sao João, São Paulo, Levada do Norte”. This sign may be tricky to see because it’s in the middle of a large corner with a white car rail to the right.

Travel up towards the mountain top. You should turn on the second road on your left. (after Moreno road). You are now very very close. Keep on driving to the end of the road until you find a big gate.

Then you drive up on your right, and turn left just into a car entry way.

There you are. Have a pleasant stay at Quinta do Cabouco.

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